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Automation & Accessories

Open your garage door and gates with the push of a button with our wide range of automation options. We carefully select the best quality products on the market to give you peace of mind that your door is reliable and your home is secure.

Garage Door Automation

Add a hint of luxury and convenience to your home with an automated garage door! Don't keep getting out of the car in the rain to open your garage door, let your garage door motor do the lifting instead!

We can automate any new or existing garage door, regardless of type, brand or even age. We stock a wide range of brands including Merlin, Automatic Technology Australia (ATA), Gliderol, B&D, Steel-Line, Eco and more!

Contact us today for more information!

Gate Automation


Automate your front gates to add luxurious security to your home.

We can automate virtually any new or existing gate: from suburban pedestrian gates to industrial parking gates and farm gates.

Give us a call today to find out your options for gate automation.



Control your door from anywhere in the world with WiFi Connectivity

Open and close your door even in a blackout with a Battery Backup.

Protect your car and loved ones with PE Safety Beams.

Secure your home with a passcode with a Wireless Digital Keypad.

Whatever added functionality you want from your garage door, we have a wide range of accessories to make it happen.

In most cases, accessories can even be installed on your existing motor.

Replacement Handsets


We stock a complete range of handsets to suit all garage door motor types and brands. Don't get stuck paying a premium for cheap knock-off handsets - purchase genuine replacements from us for guaranteed compatibility and quality.

Are simple to code, and we'll be more than happy to talk you through the process. 

Contact us today for a price on handsets for your specific motor!

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