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Residential Garage Doors

An attractive and secure garage door is the best way to add a unique feature to your home. Available in an endless range of colours, designs and styles, your door is custom-designed to suit your surrounding façade and style.

Active Garage Doors offers a complete range of the best products on the market, to ensure satisfaction and outstanding value-for-money on every door!

Sectional Doors

Sectional Garage Doors comprise large sections or panels, which in operation, lift parallel to the garage ceiling. 


Sectional doors come in a very large range of materials, colours and designs - so you can be sure that we can find a door that will suit your home or project perfectly.


As the design of your home is often unique, there are endless customisation possiblities for sectional doors. For example, these doors come in colourbond, cedar 'look-a-like' and timber varitations just to name a few.


Contact us today to find out what we can arrange to perfectly suit your house!



Roller Doors

Roller doors are specifically engineered and manufactured to suit all Australian conditions. The special design and innovative technology allows effortless operation with minimal noise and friction while the specifically designed reinforced bottom rail protects your home against intruders.


Strength and safety guaranteed, every door is made to your individual requirements at no additional costs, further adding to the endless customisation that we can add to your door!



Tilt Doors

Design your own door with a tilt door! Tilt doors are a fantastic alternative suitable for any home. As the name suggests, this kind of garage door tilts backward to rest along your garage ceiling. ​

Available in almost endless options for cladding (subject only to weight restrictions), Tilt Doors can be made entirely custom to your property. By selecting a tilt door, you have the option to add a unique design to your property, resulting in a highly attractive and safe solution to your garage door.

Speak with one of our Tilt Door Specialists today to discuss options for your home!


Tilt Door.JPG
Custom Doors & Gates

Custom Doors:
If you're looking for a completely unique finish to your home, the endless possibilities of a custom garage door will suit you! We can design and manufacture custom garage doors from architectural plans, or just a sketch from our clients! The options for customisation are endless with Active Garage Doors!



As well as offering great quality Garage Doors, we also supply and install a wide range of gates and gate automation accessories.


For an extremely secure and attractive addition to your home, look no further than our range of automated gates! 

Contact us today to have a chat with one of our custom door and gate experts!

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