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Service & Repair

At Active Garage Doors, we have an expert team of technicians to carry out all forms of door servicing and repair.

As an Authorised Distributor of all brands of garage doors, when your door isn't running as it should or its time for service, we are your local experts.

Garage Door Service


You should never attempt to service or repair your garage door yourself. Your door is made up of many heavy, moving parts - many of which are under heavy tension. Adjusting, loosening or tightening door components without proper training is very dangerous and can be fatal.

Garage Door Repair
Gliderol Roller Door

Servicing your garage door is much like servicing your car, except much less expensive. 


As a piece of machinery with many heavy & moving parts, it is important to make sure that all components are working properly to avoid damage or unsafe operation.

Most manufacturer specifications recommend you have your door serviced by a qualified technician at least every 24 months (for normal use - or 12 months for high-use or commercial applications). 


This is an important recommendation to ensure longevity and validity of your manufacturer's warranty.

We advise customers not to attempt to repair a damaged garage door. This is dangerous work, and needs to be carried out by trained professionals.


Active Garage Doors is highly recommended and authorised to carry out all repairs to most major brands.


Should you feel your Garage Door requires repairs, please contact our office to arrange any necessary repairs.

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